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Icebug Avila3 W BUGsole

Icebug Avila3 W BUGsole

$ 184.95

The unstudded version of Women's Icebug Avila3 is the perfect winter combination of function and fashion. The lightness and free feeling of a feather-weight sneaker together with the comfort and warmth of a reliable winter boot. Not to mention the walking capacity, which is superb, thanks to the high performance outsole.  The rubber sole has deep lugs and a pattern that performs well in snow. Apart from the outsole, the unstudded Avila3 has the same features as its studded sibling, which makes it the perfect boot for winter city strolls.

Colors Black/Almond
Upper Suede Leather / Rip Stop Nylon 
Lining Fleece
Midsole EVA with ESS stabilizer
Outsole Rubber (BUGweb® 6 studs optional)
Insock PU foam, removable
Size US 5.5 – 10.5 (36-42)

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Water resistant

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