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Icebug Now3 M BUGweb RB9X

Icebug Now3 M BUGweb RB9X

$ 164.95

One of the top picks of Outside Buyers Guide best winter hiking boots of 2016-2017, the Men's cebug Now3 offers purpose with thoughtful cutting edge design. The Now3 comes with two of Icebug's top traction technologies: RB9X sole for wet conditions and a BUGweb studded traction accessory for when sidewalks get icy. Comfort and style never looked so good.

Colors Grayscale
Upper Printed Textile
Lining Fleece
Midsole EVA
Outsole BUGweb® compatible, RB9X
Insock PU foam, removable
Size US 7-12,13

Technical info


On shoes with this symbol you can add a rubber unit with 6 carbide tip studs in the special pattern of the sole.


Icebugs traction technology for unstudded shoes. Shoes with this symbol has Icebugs new rubber RB9X in the sole.

Water resistant

This symbol means water resistant. Materials are treated or dense enough to repel water. They are not 100% waterproof, but they do give you protection from foul weather.