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Icebug Cortina - L BUGsole

Icebug Cortina - L BUGsole

$ 179.95

An elegant yet sporty winter boot, the Women's Icebug Cortina offers clean, sleek, water resistant styling with light insulation and a running shoe platform.

Long medial zip allows easy entrance and elastic gusset for a fit that's comfortable for most let shapes.  BUGsole's rubber compound gives excellent all around traction.  For really slippery conditions the traction can be further upgraded with a six carbide tip studded BUGweb.

Colors Black
Upper Ripstop Nylon
Lining Fleece
Midsole EVA with ESS Stabilizer
Outsole Rubber BUGweb 6 Studs Optional.  Trail BUGweb compatible sole.
Insock Ortholite, removable
Size US L5.5 – 10.5 (36-42)

Technical info


The name of Icebugs studded technology. Shoes with this symbol has a certain amount of carbide tip studs in the sole.

Water resistant

This symbol means water resistant. Materials are treated or dense enough to repel water. They are not 100% waterproof, but they do give you protection from foul weather.