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About Us

It All Started With Wanting To Do Better…

The Icebug logo was created on a napkin in the cafeteria at ISPO. On that scrap of paper was a drawing of the bug that came to be Icebug. Our brand name was inspired by an actual bark beetle that can move and climb on ice in whatever direction it chooses, without falling down. In 1999, designer Eliza Törnkvist and her son David Ekelund, who had been had been running a small footwear company, decided to start their own brand with a focus on producing outstanding winter footwear: stylish, lightweight and warm. They recognized that the market could use a better mousetrap…so when they came up with idea of combining a dynamic stud design with great shoe design, they knew that they were on to something.

When the first samples arrived in late 1999, Eliza and David took them out to the local ice rink for a test drive. Taking a first few careful steps on the slippery ice, then a few more, walking less carefully now, starting to run, making starts and stops, noticing that the harder you push, the better the grip, making quick turns, grins getting bigger and bigger…. Eliza and David looked at each other: “It’s amazing, it works, it really works!”

After much more development and testing, Icebug was launched at ISPO in Munich February 2001 to great success, with Icebug picking up the Outdoor Award for Best Footwear Innovation. Icebug began exporting to seven countries in Fall 2001.

We’ve had the normal ups and downs of a small company that’s trying to do something new with technology – but we’ve had great fun along the way and have built a strong team. In fact, more than anything else, it’s team work that has propelled Icebug to the where we are now: The world leader for traction footwear (with some of the largest brands copying us…).

Our success proves that you can be small and still make outstanding products. Our latest innovation is the RB9X® rubber compound which we launched in spring 2013. On wet surfaces RB9X® grips better than anything else available on market, and it’s thrilling not only to be ahead of the gang, but also to be able to experience the same “wow it really works”-moment on a wet rock.

We’re here to stay, and we promise to keep our integrity and passion intact as we grow. We’re dedicated to constantly learning more, improving our product and reaching more people whose lives will benefit from our product. Our motivation is not growing for the sake of growth, but to get our product on the feet of a million folks so they can get out more and be more active. We’re sure that will improve their quality of life at least a little bit,