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Sizing & Tips for Icebug Insoles


The Icebug Insole responds to the user's body and activity to provide comfort, support, and relief for the entire stride. The Arch Flex System Technology works like an exercise ball, providing an energy return with every step. This dynamic insole addresses all three arches of the foot: Medial, Lateral, and Metatarsal. The Icebug Insole is available in two thicknesses, three arch shapes, and 10 sizes for a perfect fit.




  • The SLIM provides moderate cushion, perfect for shoes with a non-removable existing footbed. The Slim Icebug Insole is around 5 mm in the heel and 2 mm in the forefoot. It does not have the extra layer of comfort foam. 
  • The FAT provides maximum cushioning, perfect for shoes with a removable footbed. The Fat Icebug Insole is around 7 mm thick at heel and 5 mm at the forefoot. There is a layer of temperature reactive foam that takes a subtle mold of the foot for more comfort and protection. 

Arch Shape:

  • The Low insole is primarily designed for those people who cannot tolerate much support under the arch ("flat feet").
  • Most people will find the Medium foot shape insoles to be the best. This is ideal for those who over-pronate.
  • The High is ideal for those who like maximum support under foot and for those with feet that under-pronate.


Choose your standard shoe size. If you fall between sizes, most find that going up to the next size is best.


  1. Place your shoe’s existing footbed on top of the Icebug sole and draw a line for the heel.
  2. Draw the outline of the entire sole. Make sure the line and the distance from the center on both sides of the Icebug insole is the same length.
  3. Cut off excess material with scissors. The area that needs to be trimmed is usually the anterior, the posterior is where the Icebug Insoles “climbs” the shoe and that part often fits perfectly. Trim carefully, it is better to cut off many small pieces.
  4. Try the Icebug sole in your shoe.
  5. Trim off more if necessary and try again. Continue until the sole fits in the shoe.