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Icebug Avila3 BUGrip

Icebug Avila3 BUGrip

Women's Shoe

$ 116.97 

​The Women's Icebug Avila3 BUGrip is the perfect winter combination of function and fashion. The feeling of a feather-weight sneaker together with the comfort and warmth of a reliable winter boot. The BUGrip studded sole provides traction on all winter surfaces. The upper is easy to maintain and repels water. The fleece lined high shaft keeps the foot warm even on very cold mid-winter days, the medial zipper makes Avila3 easy to put on and the front lacing makes the fit easy to adjust.
Colors Black/Almond
Upper Ripstop nylon / Suede Leather
Lining Fleece
Midsole EVA with ESS stabilizer
Outsole Rubber with BUGrip® carbide-tipped studs
Insock PU foam
Size US 5.5 – 10.5 (36-42

Technical info


The name of Icebugs studded technology. Shoes with this symbol has a certain amount of carbide tip studs in the sole.

Water resistant

This symbol means water resistant. Materials are treated or dense enough to repel water. They are not 100% waterproof, but they do give you protection from foul weather.