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Icebug BUGweb Easy Street

Icebug BUGweb Easy Street

Unisex Shoe

$ 34.95

The Icebug BUGweb has six carbide steel tip studs.  It fits into the pattern of all BUGweb compatible Icebug rubber outsoles, adding six points of extreme traction.  There are significant advantages with having a traction device that integrates with the design of the sole, compared to adding a traction device on top of the sole.  

  • The footwear keeps behaving the same way (staying perfectly runable/walkable).
  • The BUGweb stays securely in place.
  • The studs are positioned on the correct distance from the tread.  When other traction devices are used one is balancing on a few points - it's uncomfortable and/or slippery.
  • The tread pattern is not covered, so the rubber will still provide traction.

The BUGweb provides extra traction at times when it's really needed, on wet and slippery rocks, roots, grass and ice.  The BUGweb is light and compact enough to carry with you.  


  • 36/37 - Women's shoe size 5.5-7
  • 38/39 - Women's shoe size 7.5-8
  • 40/41 - Women's shoe size 8.5-9.5 and Men's shoe size 7-8.5
  • 42/43 - Women's shoe size 10-10.5+ and Men's shoe size 9-10
  • 44/45 - Men's shoe size 10.5-11.5
  • 46/47 - Men's shoe size 12-13


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